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Kevin Seawright Brings Financial Expertise to the Newark CEDC

Newark, New Jersey is a relatively underrated economic hub on the East Coast that is home to some of the world’s most successful enterprise startups, more than its share of multinational corporations and not unlike Detroit in its heyday is known as a blue-collar, “Working Man” city, Having gained itself a reputation for being a major economic hub in the United States. Last year, in Newark, New Jersey, the Newark CEDC and since its inception, has been an overall impressive program which is at the helm of the city’s many impressive, fiscally promising changes the city has undergone to optimize for the country’s current economic climate.

Newark New Jersey, one of the world’s top 20 ports for importing and exporting, currently moving over $100 billion dollars in goods per year is working with the Newark CEDC to stimulate new business and businesses to optimize on its current position as one of the world’s largest import/export hubs. The idea is to rapidly stimulate business ventures, from startup companies to financial institutions into the area in order to regain cultural dominance as one of the United States top cities, like New York, Miami or San Francisco.

Recently, the city of Newark and the Newark CEDC opened its arms to Kevin Seawright, welcoming him as its new chief financial officer. Kevin is quite accustomed to working in financial administrative roles including, but not limited to working for the Baltimore school administration and is known as an expert financial administrator with over 20 years in the field with an amazing track record.

Being that it takes a lot of financial planning and revenue budgeting to empower the overall vision of the Newark CEDC, he has been granted the role of implementing new technologies aimed at fiscal efficiency throughout the city government as well as strategies to empower the city’s financial well-being.

Kevin Seawright, in his new position plans to open the floodgates for new business startups to flourish, pulling down a lot of the barriers that stand in the way of its fiscal progress.

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