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Help Andy Wirth Help Our Navy Seals


Andy Wirth is a man with a lot of dedication and respect for the men and women of the Navy Seals. Andy is an adventurer and businessman how found himself fighting for his life after a skydiving accident went wrong. Andy loves skydiving but on a trip a few years ago the most feared of things happened during a skydiving trip. Andy had a mishap with his landing and found himself having to land in a vineyard which by all means is not an ideal place to land. This landing almost cost Andy his life and severed his arm from his body. Through dedication, hard work and the knowledge of some excellent medical professional Andy’s arm was reattached and he is on a mission to do something great to give back.

During Andy’s recovery, he befriended some men and women from the Navy Seals who were his strength and support through these tough times along with family and other friends. Andy has formed a team to participate in the 2015 IRONMAN Lake Tahoe. His team is called Special Warfare Warrior and their fundraising efforts are to benefit the Navy Seal’s Foundation. You can read more about Andy’s story as well as help to contribute to their team’s fundraising goal of $30,000 here.

Men and women from our military including the Navy Seals battle with many different injuries and medical conditions due to the duties they perform while protecting our great nation. The Navy Seals Foundation is dedicated to providing support to these men and women when they need it. The focus of the Foundation is to help provide access to programs that will improve the welfare and health of our service members. Empowering and education their families and providing them with the support they deserve during times of injury, loss or illness.

These men and women fight for our freedom’s, and now Andy Wirth is fighting to help them when they need it most.

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