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Optimize Wikipedia Editing Techniques

Wikipedia can be a challenging website simply to navigate so the idea of becoming a steady contributor to the monolith of information can be downright scary. However, Wikipedia needs all of the volunteer editors that they can get in order to prosper as an encyclopedia that operates at the highest level. With updates coming in 24/7 the website cannot risk losing any editors. The encyclopedia also needs to maintain rigorous standards so new editors must also know how to contribute once they are on the website. Listed below are key takeaways for any editors interested in pursuing action on Wikipedia.

Editing Existing Content
One of the core principles that make a Wiki page lives by their decision to keep information up to date as it changes. Being that Wikipedia hosts millions of pages of data it is unreasonable to think that all of the content is updated immediately. So new editors should always be willing to investigate the encyclopedia in order to find content that needs replacing. Sometimes there will be group concerted efforts pioneered by Wikipedia behind the scenes in order to direct the attention of their editors in a specific direction. This is a great way to get experience working in a facility that matters.

The Art of the Citation.
Wikipedia cannot be considered a scholarly source of information due to its open source editing but it demands elite sources for all information hosted on the website. Editors must use reliable sources in order to update any content or else they run the risk of having all of their work deleted and rolled back. Numerous attempts to use inappropriate sources will end up with the offending editor being barred from contributing anymore to the website. Users can direct their attention to the Manual of Style for specific guidelines on what to look out for in a source. The rough outline suggests that users look for sources that come from scholarly journals, published articles, or .gov websites.

Learning The Ropes.
Editing on Wikipedia can take a whole lot of effort just to do the job and that doesn’t count all of the learning that needs to take place before getting to work. New users who want to become prolific editors should gear their attention toward the various guides that are available on the Wikipedia website in order to familiarize themselves with what Wikipedia expects out of their editors on the site.

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