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Economic Mastery: A Brief History Of Economist James M. Stone

James Stone is the founder of Plymouth Rock Assurance as well as its CEO. He is a business executive born and raised in the united states. James Stone has accomplished many things during his long and storied career most notably would be his creation of the company he is now the CEO of, but he was not always on the top of the proverbial heap. Like so many other business leaders in this country, he started at the bottom and made his way to the top through hard work, determination, sheer force of will and no small amount of luck. Here is a brief history on one of Americas most accomplished self made men.

James M. Stone was born to author Babette Rosmond and attorney Henry Stone during the Autumn of 1947. he received the same education as many of his peers, having attended public school in Pelham, New York. He later attended college at Harvard University where he received his Bachelors in economics while being elected Phi Beta Kappa. It wasn’t difficult to see where the young man was going at the time, but few could have predicted where he would end up a few decades later. He followed suit by obtaining his masters as well as his Ph.D. in economics.
His career truly began to blossom in 1975 when the Governor of Massachusetts appointed him the insurance commissioner of the states common wealth before being appointed as the Chairmen of the Commodity Futures Trading Commissions by Jimmy Carter in 1979. This of course was all leading up to the monumental achievement of starting his own company in 1982. The Plymouth Rock Group of Companies houses several companies some of which cover areas like insurance, homeowners insurance and a brokerage firm.
Creating an empire of a business to this magnitude is no small feat. But James Stone faces all of the challenges head on. Stone is married to Cathleen Douglas Stone with whom he has two children.

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