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Healthy Beneficial Coffee Enhanced By Ancient Chinese Herb

Just a few short years ago, in 2008, the Organo Gold Gourmet Coffee Company was created. Three employees working diligently to market a superb coffee blend enhanced with ancient Chinese herbs began marketing and selling this blend of bean and herb into the huge business it is today. Organo Gold Gourmet Coffee, its leader Bernardo Chua.

Bernardo Chua’s dream was to introduce people to a blend of coffee that would enhance their health. When Chua began this business he was already a successful businessman but followed his vision and dream of Organo Gold Gourmet Coffee, and it is continuing to grow every day, and people all over the world are enjoying the benefits of this special blend of coffee.

Today, distribution of Organo Gold has expanded to 6 Continents. The products have also expanded to include coffee beverages such as Gourmet Black Gold, Royal Brewed, Chocolate Almond, Toasted Hazelnut and Caramel Vanilla, all enriched with the special Chinese herbs for added health benefits. The teas include Green Tea, Red Tea, and Black Ice, all with the same embellishments of ancient Chinese herbs specially blended as they did a couple of hundred years ago.

One of the ingredients added to the special coffee blend is Ganoderma. This is what makes Organo Gold so special. Ganoderma is a miraculous ingredient made from the mushroom. This incredible mushroom is scientifically known as Ganoderma Lucidum. Although we are all aware that mushrooms have a special nutrient with many health benefits, this fabulous fungus is very important in the use of traditional Asian medicine.

This beautiful oddly shaped mushroom, known as the “King of Herbs” has superb coloring and markings that tend to give it a futuristic appearance. This mushroom grows out of the side of a tree in forests and in Asian tropics where it thrives in areas such as Wuyi Mountains of China’s Fuzhou Area. The effectiveness of Ganoderma herb has been proven to build a strong, healthy body ensuring longevity. It has been within the last decade that certified plantations grow this “treasure of life” and therefore, are now able to economically introduce this miracle herb into coffee blended specifically for the enjoyment and health benefits. The Ganoderma mushrooms are gently dried, sterilized, and ground into a fine powder using only natural products and processes in the growing, drying, and processing. Together with technology and today’s scientific methods, Ganoderma mushroom benefits are enjoyed by more and more of the public.

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