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The Best Time To Invest In Brazil Is Now

Brazil is a very good place to invest right now if you ask certain players in the investment market. Although the country has a well-diversified economy that has served them well in the last several decades, the dollar value and stock market has dropped some 25%. While some Brazilian officials are panicking, others look at it as only a temporary blip. Regardless, many investors think Brazil is prime for the plucking and plan to strike while the iron is still hot.

Unfortunately, many countries have gone through economic woes over the years. In most cases, (like Brazil’s) it’s a temporary setback. Governmental policies an in-house bickering will always rock the boat, but once the source of the problem is removed, things quickly turn around. The ouster of Brazil’s comptroller and the re-election of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is bound to make quite a bit of change.

Hedge fund manager and CEO of Bridge Trust, Zeca Oliveira, is on the cutting edge of marketing strategies and provides sound advise for a number of corporations. The company manages portfolios in excess of $12 billion. Oliveira has 20 years of experience in the industry and his expertise is widely regarded as among the best in the business. Bridge Trust just announced a multimillion dollar merger with Gradual Investmentos, which will expand the company even more and offer more security and products to clients.

Oliveira also handles nearly $2.5 billion in U.S. funds. Under Oliveira’s leadership and expertise, many companies are experiencing more growth and financial gain than they have ever seen since their inception. Oliveira has worked on behalf a number of academic organizations and currently sits on many boards.

Brazil has a very stable economy despite some of its recent troubles. According to John Tsu, CEO of Principle House, “the drop won’t last long, so people should get in now.” The Brazil dollar has dropped significantly and is at it’s lowest point in 2005. A number of strategies are being employed to get the country’s market back on track. Until it straightens out, investors should run from energy stocks for the time being.

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