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Brazilian Author Jamie Garcia Dias

Jamie Garcia Dias is a Brazilian Author who was recently awarded the ABC Award for Brazilian Literature. This is only his most recent achievement in a long list of honors he has earned for his outstanding literary efforts. Garcia Dias was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and he has always had a passion for writing. From the early age of 15, Dias was already working on his writing. His parents are Arnaldo Dias and Garcia Dulce Dias. They were always eager to help their son grow his talent as an author. Arnaldo is also a writer. He taught his son everything he knew in hopes of aiding him on his quest to become a published author.

Garcia Dias attended the Arnaldino school and focused on literature. While in school he read “The Devil to Pay in the Backlands.” The book by Garciliano Ramosand was a major source of inspiration for Dias’ first novel. At age 18, he joined the faculty of the Rio de Janeiro College of Literature.
In 1993, the Brazilian author was hired by the Carioca Literature Academy to be a teacher. He stayed there for five years teaching classes designed to help teenagers. He worked with them to prepare them to continue studying literature after they had finished their schooling. In 1997, Dias brought in new methods, techniques, and teaching programs to help the students. These new programs were designed to help students learn even more about writing and literature. He also brought in new classes and programs to the gym at the school. His constant push for excellence in all things is what helped earn him the rank of vice president at the Carioca Literature Academy.

By 2001, Jamie Garcia Dias was already the author of 10 books and a winner of the White Crane award for his work “Fell From Heaven.” The White Crane award is meant to honor new authors in Brazilian literature. “Fell From Heaven” was also praised by the Argentine writer Joshua Gomez at the Latinos Books Meeting in 2003. The praises only served to increase the success, and notoriety of Jamie Garcia Dias.

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