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Investment Banking Companies are Seriously Interested in Grooming Interns

A career in finance is more than just a job of dealing in stocks, bonds, dollars, and cents. Financial professional relish in the lifestyle of working in investment banking. There is a great deal to feel positive about in the field. A solid investment banker can help a company flourish. If the company provides an enormously valuable product or service, then the successful investment help contributes to society’s greater good.

So, how does someone who is learning the field enter into such a career. The Australian press provided a very clear and definitive answer. Interning is the way to start things.

Investment banking firms realize they need new and fresh talent in order to thrive. The top candidates are the ones who allow the company to grow. Selecting a solid candidate, however, is not easy when all the hiring executive has to go on is a resume and a brief interview. Interning at an investment bank, however, allows the powers-that-be to see the candidate in action. Based on examining the person’s performance over several weeks, the firm is able to make a wiser hiring decision.

Per the Australian Financial Review, a lot of companies are increasing their hiring of interns in investment banking. This does not mean the hiring is exclusive to just Australia. Companies all over the world want to hire new talent. Perhaps they are looking for the next James Dondero.

James Dondero is the President (and Co-Founder) of Highland Capital Management. He currently has 30 years in the industry of investment banking and, like everyone else, he had to start somewhere. Today, he specializes in helping distressed entities. If he is able to turn a distressed company around, he saves jobs.

Maybe some companies are looking out for their own future by trying to develop talent on the early internship level. When markets thrive globally, everyone prospers. This is not only true for the investment banks, but also of anyone who has money in the market. Of course, no single intern is going to stabilize the market but a large number of skilled and talented ones could very well deliver such a result.

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