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Eucatex – Brazilian Home Products Company

Eucatex is a Brazilian company which produces goods for the home improvement and construction industry. They make everything which home builders or homeowners would need: from paints, floors, hardwood floors, wall partitions, panels, and more. The company was founded with concern for the environment in mind, as environmental sustainability is very important to their customers. The company began in 1951, and was the first company in Brazil to consider the need for environmentally-friendly construction materials. All trees which are removed from the environment are replaced with eucalyptus seedlings, seedlings that are designed to grow with new wood.

Eucatex also has a wide range of paints which they distribute to their customers. Many of these paints are odorless and thus environmentally-friendly. If you are looking to waterproof your home or cover it with a fresh coat of paint, then Eucatex paints serve as one of the best options for doing so. Colors are easily able to be mixed, and will shine beautifully once applied. These paints are perfect for those whom are concerned about their health because there are no harsh chemicals.

Eucatex is a major producer of flooring in Brazil. Laminates, vinyl, and portable trade show floors can be purchased from the company. Laminates are easily installed in any home or business, are very durable, and can be cleaned easily. Vinyl flooring looks exactly like real wood and won’t deform/warp or transmit noise. Their Fairtex trade show flooring is easy to assemble and reassemble for those whom are constantly traveling.

Blogspot wrote that aside from paints, Eucatex is also a major producer of doors. These doors are solid and designed to last a long time. They are coated and do not require finishing, allowing for immediate installation. Many different faces of wood doors are available through Eucatex. Aside from doors, those installing new cabinets can rest assured that hardwoods from Eucatex are able to stand the test of time. These hardboards and doors are coated with PVA which provide a fine finish.

Eucatex’s CEO is Flavio Maluf, whom worked his way to the highest position in the company through management roles. Before becoming CEO, he has worked in banking for Citigroup and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is the son of Congressman Paulo Maluf.

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