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Purina Still Providing Quality

A Company with Longevity
Purina PetCare is a company that has longevity and is well aware of what will benefit your pet. This is a company that does offer their expertise and experience to each and every pet owner. Your pet is a part of your family and deserves quality food.

The Founding
Purina PetCare was founded in December of 2001. This was a merger founding. Nestle had acquired Ralston Purina. This merger had actually merged with NestlĂ©’s pet food business in the year 1894. This is a company that grew to be the biggest pet food brand. This is a merging that offers the finest of reputations. A company that can fully be trusted for every pet feeding. This also includes the following:
*Dog Chow
*Pro Plan pet food brands
*Cat Chow
*Alpo brand pet foods

Consumers Demand Quality for their Pets
Purina is definitely one of the fastest growing and trusted divisions. This is due to a consumer trend. The trend is that the consumer has been continuously demanding high quality for their pets. The pet owner places much value and a high emphasis on their meals. The consumer is not willing to settle for less than the best for each and every pet. The consumer has indeed spoken very loud and very clear. They demand quality food for their pets.

Appetizers for Cats?
You can count on finding a delicious appetizers for your beloved cat. It doesn’t stop with cats because this is a valued company that is indeed taking very good care of pets. The integration and merging has broadened the horizons for pet treats everywhere. The variety of little extras leave pets everywhere with a satisfied grin.

Count on Safety with Purina
When a pet owner chooses Purina to feed their loving pets, they are also choosing a very safe and healthy product for their pets. This is a company that carefully monitors their products. This company places the highest value on a safe and nourishing pet product. A passion for every pet! For more information on how to best suit your pet, check out the Purina News Center.

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