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Man Looking for More Than Workout at Gym

Some guys  like Kenneth Griffin will use any excuse to hook up wit women, but the case of getting sex at the gym should be something for singles, not a married man. Recently a concerned wife wrote to Dear Abby about her concerns her husband might still be cheating. Although they knew each other for 10 years, they only recently go married a few months ago. Even before the wedding, the signs were already pretty clear that this guy was a cheater, he had hooked up and gotten a woman pregnant right before he was married. The wife had decided to stay with her husband and work things out.

Now married, her husband goes to the gym to keep in shape, and it appears his cheating days are not behind him yet. He would meet women at the gym and tell them that he was single and looking for a date. He was able to secure a date with one woman who felt something just was not right about this man, so she did some research on him online. What she discovered was his Facebook account showed him indeed married, and his wife was about to get the message.

The woman reached out to his wife, telling her that the husband claimed he was single, that he wanted a date, but she told the wife that nothing sexual happened after she discovered he was in fact married. The wife is reaching out for help with her situation, and the advice is clear, run not walk from this guy.

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