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Is Brad Reifler The Investment Hero For The Middle Class?

If the middle class is going to have a hero in the investment world it should be Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler. His revolutionary idea to open up his firm to middle and lower income investors is something most firms were not willing to do. Most had taken the position that they should serve very wealthy individuals because that is where the money is.

Forefront Capital has decided that helping middle income people invested is a noble goal. They believe that if you help people get invested then they will start to build wealth and perhaps create a better life for themselves going forward. It all starts with explaining to people that investing really matters and they should start on it as early as they possibly can.

The options on the table for those of middle incomes is to invest a minimum of $2,500 that can be withdrawn or added to at any time. This is a fairly sustainable amount of money for many in the middle class to come up with. It is a good starting point for them in the investment world, but it is just a start. They should absolutely focus on building up those investments whenever possible as it is quite likely that they will require more income from their investments in the future.

Many are still nervous about getting their money in the stock market after the crash situation that occurred in 2008. However, having people who are knowledgeable and experts in the world of investing on your side can make a world of difference. It can certainly help some who were afraid of investing in the past start to branch out a little and see what it is like to put some money in the market and hopefully watch it grow with time.

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