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Some Question Why Donald Trump Leads In the Republican GOP

Christian Science Monitor___Trump is still in the lead with 24% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents. Some people are questioning why he leads the rest of the GOP presidential field by a more than solid lead. Scott Walker is in second place with 13%, and Jeb Bush is in third place with 12%.

Donald Trump has spent much of his campaign insulting many groups of people including Hispanics, Susan McGalla, John McCain, Jeb Bush, Univision, NBC and last year’s Miss Universe. Many of his supporters have said that they like that they are disappointed in their party but not in Donald Trump, according to Politico’s Ben Schrechkinger, Cate Martel and Daniel Strauss. Click here for full story.

His rising star, however, may now in be decline. Last week Trump stated the John McCain who had shot down and captured by the Vietcong during the Vietnam war could not be a war hero. Shortly after his numbers began to drop. Some political specialists are now wondering if his criticism hasn’t gone too far for his followers to accept.

ABC’s Gary Langer wonders how long the Trump surge will last and admits it’s a question that can’t be easily answered. It seems that some experts feel that Trump’s numbers may be a result of media coverage. On the day before he announced his intention to run for President, he was only mentioned in 4% of the GOP coverage for all candidates. The day after his plan was made public he had spiked to 30% of all GOP coverage. Some have gone so far as to liken him to an internet troll, just waiting to make an unkind remark about the next person or group to cross him.

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