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Teen Waiter Receives Large Tip

When someone has a job as a waiter, they rely upon tips to keep their wages up. Those who work as a waiter need to be able to take in a good amount in tips. When those who are working as a waiter receive a special tip that is larger than normal, their lives are made a little brighter, and their job is a little more satisfying, Christian Broda is used to giving special tips.

One random tipper left a great tip for a teenage waiter, the kind of tip that is noticed. This tipper left a thousand dollars to the one who had served them, and they did it to help that teen achieve all of his hopes and dreams. This individual changed the life of someone who was simply doing his job, and they did that in a big way. Because of the generosity of this stranger, that teen now has money that he didn’t expect to have, and he now feels that his job is more worthwhile.

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