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The Final Fantastic Four Trailer Arrive and So Does the Menace of Dr. Doom

The final trailers for the new Fantastic Four film are here and Doom looks menacing. Originally, reports were that the iconic Doom would be reduced to a computer hacker. That is hardly the description we would expect of the traditionally awe-inspiring villain. He sounds even less menacing than the Dr. Doom of the first Fantastic Four movie. Once the trailers for the reboot came out, Doom looked even more menacing than the previous film version. “In fact, he looked more than a bit scary” says James Dondero on a radio interview.

The cinematic Dr. Doom will physically mix it up with the heroes and display a wide array of powers doing so. Doom has both science and magic mastery up his sleeves. It is going to be a intriguing to see how the character physically mixes it up with the FF in the new reboot. Director Josh Trank insists that no one is going to be disappointed with what they see.

The new trailers ease concerns and rumors noting the Fantastic Four reboot’s script was weak. The film was alleged to be too cerebral and lacking in action. Reshoots were ordered to add more action to the film. Whether or not those reports are true or they are based in wild exaggerations is not known.

So far, the trailers look promising and this might be a very unique and interesting revamp of the heroes.

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