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Offense Is Still Needed

The New York Jets football team is being looked at by several different agencies. These agencies are actually observing every team in the league before the season begins in just a few weeks.

The Jets seem to be the team that is making these agencies crack a smile. This team has a new coach. They actually have several new coaches, and also a new game-plan. However, the best thing about them is still their defense. Their offense did not change much at all. They did get some new players who should make in impact this year said James Dondero. However, they still have Smith as quarterback. In recent practices, sources say Smith looks just like he did last year.

This is scaring a lot of Jets fans. This is because these fans know the defense cannot win the game. They can stop a lot of teams from scoring, but the Jets’ offensive is going to have to make a huge impact.

Sources say the head coach is starting Smith because Smith has been on the team for a long time. He feels like Smith has earned the spot. However, at the first sign of trouble, Smith will be put on the bench. Smith told the press he plans to play his hardest this year. He also told the press that he would very much like to make it to the playoffs this year. He said it would be the dream of a lifetime

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