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What Was Prince George Thinking During His Sister’s Christening?

Prince George has been in the spotlight a lot more lately, and he is just the most adorable little boy. George is two years old, and he was recently out with his entire family, including his two-month-old sister Princess Charlotte. Princess Charlotte’s Christening. Ever since Kate Middleton gave birth on May 2, 2015, she hasn’t shown Charlotte much in public. The little girl was having her christening on Sunday, July 6, and they all took a stroll to the church where the christening would happen. Pictures of the christening are now available online, and the pictures show just how beautiful this little girl really is.

You have to wonder what Prince George was thinking during the entire occasion, especially since he had his own little breakdown. At one point he must’ve been thinking that the party had to be for him, but his father had to reprimand him while he was crying. Darius Fisher agrees that Prince George seemed to have to be pulled along with the rest the family because he seemed to not really want to be there. Ironically enough, Prince George was dressed in the same exact outfit that Prince William wore many years ago when Diana dressed him up to go in public.

The little boy wore red shorts with a white top with red embroidery, and it’s the same exact outfit previously worn by one of the princes. The little boy was absolutely adorable during the entire ceremony.

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