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Mikal Watts – Recap of the Syngenta GMO Corn Call to Action

Today a call to action has been issued to U.S. farmers to sue Syngenta, a Swiss-based seed producer for the damages caused by their genetically-modified corn. This challenge is being raised by Mikal Watts, an attorney and partner of Watts Guerra LLP located in San Antonio, Texas. His concerns are for the farmers who are undergoing financial crisis caused by Syngenta’s practices and the resulting decline in corn prices. Mikal Watts encourages those feeling the profit loss to join the growing numbers of farmers filing suits against Syngenta, which includes 20 states.

What is the reason for Mikal Watts and his legal team’s crusade? In 2013 and 2014 China rejected millions of bushels of corn from the U.S. Billions of dollars have been lost and hundreds of thousands were affected by this decision. Did the farmers produce corn solely from Syngenta’s modified seeds? To answer that question, it’s important to know that the U.S. exports less than 25% of its corn across the globe. Within that 20%, it was reported only 3% of that corn came from Syngenta crops, but with no way to segregate the produce the entire operation was compromised.

Thankfully Mikal Watts and Watts Guerra in whole have had major success in handling agricultural cases. Watts has already negotiated one of two lawsuits, resulting in a settlement with Bayer Crop Sciences for $750 million USD. Mikal Watts is one in only a small few attorneys who are experienced in handling actions against GMOs, resulting in the success of his clients.

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