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Andy Wirth Appointed to New Role

Ski enthusiasts and those that have visited the Squaw Valley Ski resort are probably familiar with this leading entrepreneur in the ski resort industry. In fact, Andy Wirth has been in the ski resort industry for well over two decades. Certainly, he has created a number of positive changes and made a big impact in the industry. In addition, Andy Wirth has held several positions in the industry and received many professional awards. Now, the entrepreneur is about to take on a new role of leadership with the Reno Airport Board. Let’s take a closer look at this new role.

The Reno Tahoe Airport is making a few changes of their own that is raising a few eyebrows and receiving a lot of positive input. They’ve decided that it is time to add a few new members to the Reno Tahoe Airport. Of course, they would prefer an individual with strong leadership ability. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that Andy Wirth is now a new member of the Reno Tahoe Airport Board. Many people in the community are quite familiar with Andy Wirth and the role that he has played in bringing success to Squaw Valley Ski and Alpine Meadows. His new role is to represent the Reno Sparks and Tahoe area. 

The entrepreneurs appointment to this new role comes at a very exciting time for the area and the resort industry. Investors are actively involved in investing in new lodging and more. This has led to more vacationers and visitors traveling to the area

Originally reported in the Sierra Sun Times

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