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The highly nutritious and delicious Beneful dog food

Being one of the most famous dog food brands in the world, Beneful offers: wet dog foods, dry dog foods and dog treats. In addition, this brand has also tried its hand in Rube Goldberg machine by using dogs in the advert. Being a highly sought after product, dog owners are assured of finding the best food that does not compromise the health of their pets.

Introduced in 2001, this product has continued to undergo improvements to ensure it does not compromise on quality. Additionally, this dog food brand is packaged in a very unique way.  With the multipurpose packaging, the food pack can also be used a s a bowl. This unique style of packaging was awarded the pack expo selects award during the showcase of packaging innovations in 2007.

Beneful is not only popular because of the quality it offers but also the unique advertisements. These campaigns have involved huge amounts of money and have been conducted in different countries. However, one of the most notable events is the Beneful Dream Dog Park contest. This event involves dog park designs being submitted for improvements.  This event receives numerous submissions and has hugely contributed to the growth of new parks. The new parks are located in: Alabama, Georgia, Alabaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Johns creek.

To ensure quality is upheld in the dog foods, Beneful works with the best creativity agencies. Through improved innovations, the dog food does not go bad easily. In addition, the innovation is also applied in the advertising methods. Through the interactive billboards, dog owners would get responses from customized dogs. These billboards are available in big cities like: Atlanta, Los Angeles, St Louis and Chicago.

Beneful dog food is also one of the most profitable brands owned by Nestle Purina. The annual revenues earned by this product run into billions of dollars. Courtesy of the huge profits, this brand is able to conduct its expensive campaigns that are bent at raising awareness about dogs and how to treat them. This dog food is also nutritious to ensure the dog also benefits from enjoying the available flavors.
Beneful continues to stand out as one of the most sought after dog foods in the world. This can be attributed to the technology and innovations applied during the production of this brand. More-to-that, the eight flavors allow the dog to have a favorite flavor. Anyone looking for a delicious yet healthy meal for their dog should consider Beneful.

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