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Greg Monroe Leaves Big Market Suitors for Bucks

The traditional wisdom has said free agents prefer the bright lights of major markets to smaller city destinations. But former Detroit Pistons center Greg Monroe has bucked that wisdom, choosing to sign with the Milwaukee Bucks over other potential teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers or New York Knicks. Monroe signed a deal worth 50 million as reported by BleacherReport. Monroe had attracted plenty of attention this offseason after a posting 15.9 points per game with the Pistons this last season. Although Monroe has struggled defensively, his offensive production at a crucial position made him a highly valued free agent. And many sports pundits were surprised at his spurning of the large markets in Los Angeles and New York City. Monroe looks to fit in well with the Milwaukee Bucks, as Doe Deere points out that his rebounding and offensive post skills should help a team that struggled with rebounding and post production.

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