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Terminator: Genisys Schwarzenegger History Lesson

Yesterday, Screen Rant gave fans of the Terminator franchise a history lesson about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to the series in Terminator: Genisys. Apparently, a lot of people thought he would never return to his cult classic role as the T-800 Terminator after he moved into politics and refused to return for Terminator: Salvation.

According to Screen Rant, Schwarzenegger never said that he was staying away permanently from the franchise. He simply was waiting for a “great” story. He also felt the people involved with bringing Terminator: Genisys to the big screen legitimately wanted to do their best. He then implied that the last film, Terminator: Salvation, was only made to “exploit the franchise.” Later in the interview with iTunes, he also implied that the previous film was over-hyped and then could not deliver on the hype. He also made it clear that everyone in the process seems to be very protective of the franchise and focused on being protective both from the business and artistic standpoints.

The interview did a great job of revealing Schwarzenegger’s reasons. Yet, there was one frustrating point for some fans. Schwarzenegger noted that part of the process to attracting fans back to the franchise is creating a great movie trailer. A lot of fans have been disappointed with the Terminator: Genisys trailer because it revealed too many plot twists.

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