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Famous Country Singer Gives Away Houses To Veterans

Many celebrities are known for their charitable giving, after all those who are better off should be more willing to help those in need. Country singer, Tim McGraw has a soft spot for veterans. We should always appreciate those who put their lives on the line so that our country could be free but too often our soldiers come home mentally or physically wounded and have to, essentially, start over in life. These adjustments take time and patience. McGraw knows the sacrifice that they have given and that is why he has been giving away houses for free, without a mortgage hanging over the receiver’s heads. According to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital in this article, McGraw partnered with Chase Bank and Operation Homefront to provide 100 homes to veterans since 2012 with another 30 still set to be given away this year. These good people want to keep our service members taken care both during and after their service and a few lucky souls will get a house in thanks.

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