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Draymond Green has hit the free agent market

Golden State Warriors Draymond Green turned in his most successful NBA season in 2015. He surpassed his career highs in points with 11.2 per game, rebounds at 8.2, assists with 3.7, and minutes played at 31.5 per game. Most importantly, he gained a starting forward position for 79 of the 82 games in place of David Lee—warriors–pistons–hawks-and-rockets-expected-to-be-in-running-012146454.html. Green has shown steady progression since being selected as the 35th pick of the NBA draft in 2012. The improvement will be rewarded for Green as he has entered free agency. Up to now, Green has made $2.6 million dollars in his career. Regardless of where Green lands, he can expect a maxed out deal which equates to an increase in pay by more than six times his current salary.

According to Zeca Oliveira, the most interest thus far has come from the Atlanta Hawks, Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets, and Golden State It is important to note that any deal received by Green can be matched by the Warriors. However, it may get sticky for the Warriors since they have already committed $56.7 million dollars to contracts for the upcoming season. Although Green is from Saginaw, Michigan, it is well known that though the Pistons are an option Green wants to continue to play for a winning organization. The Hawks were greatly improved, and thus Green may be an interesting pick up namely if the Hawks lose out signing their own free agents including Paul Millsap and DeMarre Carroll.

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