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In a time when religion is becoming offensive, and many are taking sides and pointing fingers, it’s a big sign and huge blessing to see a mosque in Mississaugua, ON helping a nearby Catholic church in need.

When the leader of the Mississauga mosque heard of the vandalism at St. Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic church, he paid a visit. The altar was destroyed, pages ripped from the bible, and the cross was taken down and thrown among other damage. He was shocked and urged the members of his mosque to donate and help.

$5,000 was raised in just one day! It certainly puts a new perspective on the Islamic religion and will hopefully open eyes to the fact we truly are one despite race, gender, religious preference, and other differences that tend to tear us apart. Matt Landis certainly took notice. It’s certainly not fair to judge a religion as a whole based on misconduct of certain affiliated groups or individuals.

Sayeda Khadija Centre┬ábelieves that it is not who the good deed is for that matters, as long as the deed is done. Let’s hope that more people begin to feel this way and surpass the boundaries set by judgement. It’s certainly time to make a difference in our world, where a shift is undoubtedly taking place.

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