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The time of Ramadan is upon Muslims all over the world. During the month, they focus on giving mercy to those who have done them wrong by forgiving them, burning their sins away as well as bad habits and generally try to reach the best spiritual versions of themselves that they can be. After an entire month of fasting those who participate are better able to fight off bad habits and keep up with their changed behavior. During the month of Ramadan Muslim Palestinians are head to Jerusalem to pray and visit their families. These traveling individuals can find themselves at Israeli checkpoints for several hours waiting for approval to go across the border. The 30 days of fasting plays its initial toll but waiting in traffic adds to the physical deprivation of fasting. Palestinian Christians have been distributing food and water to Muslim travelers who are waiting outside of the Israeli borders. These amazing acts of kindness have sparked much inspiration around the world and across numerous religions.


These Palestinian Christians are reflecting how one group of people can respect and understand those who shared different belief systems. The basis of any religion is to help those no matter what they believe in. While much of the world is used to casting shame on those who do not believe what they believe, those who understand other religions are giving off love and mutual respect. That’s something a few at Qnet have understood more in recent years.

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