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Sodomite execution

A lawyer in California wants to ban gay and lesbian people from living there But a judge ruled against the “proposed ballot initiative” giving authorization for gay and lesbian people to be executed! This act called the “Sodomite Suppression” states any person that touches another of the same gender for intimate gratification will be put to death. When I first read this article I thought it was a joke but, it is not. If a person’s sexual orientation could cost them their lives, than what do we do with the murderers, thieves and the like? People may not agree with other people’s choices or way of life but to take their life for it is beyond unconstitutional, as Attorney General of California suggested, it is unthinkable.


The report also, states that attorney Matt McLaughlin, was the lawyer and initiator of this plan when he paid a $200 filing fee for this proposed initiative. Our country suffers with enough hatred of people for different reasons, please let’s not add any more to the list. Ricardo Tosto wouldn’t mind things toning down a bit. It would simply be an inhumane act whether passed into law or not.

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