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Scott Disick Cheating On Kourtney

Fans of KUWTK most likely are just as in love with Scott Disick as Kourtney. He started out on the show as the cheating boyfriend that nobody trusted, later as time went on we watched him become a father as he struggled with the death of his parents and various other internal demons. Scott loves to party and drink, it seems to be the only way that Scott feels comfortable being himself. This time last year we saw a pregnant Kourtney was furious because Scott was spending every night out partying. To make things worse photos began to surface of Scott behaving badly in some nightclubs.

The Aspire New Brunswick and folks at say Kourtney was throwing Scott out of their Hampton’s vacation home, and insisting that he get help. For a brief second, Scott did seem to relax with the drinking and partying, he even agreed to go to rehab. Rehab worked like a charm and Scott was loving life, but as usual that all changed.

Scott was showing some improvement but recently he has started partying again, getting drunk and reverting back to his negative ways. Now there is news that Scott apparently was caught cheating on Kourtney with a 21-year-old girl and Kourtney herself found out. After years of taking Scott back for screwing up Kourtney is furious and doesn’t know what to do next. To make matters worse Kourt is dealing with all of this emotional baggage while caring for a newborn baby.

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