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Redskins Name Under Attack Again

Everyone that is in or around the NFL knows that the Washington Redskins are a team that is rebuilding their organization and do not actually have higher expectations heading into next season. Even though they have to spend this year building up their team instead of competing for championships, does not mean they want to do a complete overhaul of their personnel or their name which has seen a resurgence of criticism from pro-native American groups. This most recent rebirth of court battles over the teams name actually ties it to a Supreme Court ruling involving the confederate flag and the State of Texas denial to put it on a license plate. The group that wants to make the team change their name believes this ruling helps them by showing the government does not have to allow for the protection of the teams trademarked name because it is offensive to Native Americans.

Okay, I for one understand that some Native Americans believe the use of the word Redskins is offensive to them said James Dondero. But it’s not like there has been a great uproar from the Native American communities about this issue. If an unbiased poll was taken, I am sure that most people do not think of Redskin as a derogatory term to describe an American Indian, but describes an Indian Warrior. Maybe we as a society have gone too far, in trying not to offend people with our words. But then again, maybe we just stopped teaching that sticks and stones may break our bones but words will never hurt us.

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