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Fan Interference Doesn’t Stop Cubs From Winning

As if the Chicago Cubs hadn’t had enough fan interference in their games to last them a lifetime, another incident occurred Tuesday night. This one was rather heart-warming though.

Keith Hartley, a 29-year-old Chicago resident and lifetime Cubs fan, found himself reaching over the wall towards the tarps on the first base line of the field to catch a foul ball that was hit the second inning of the Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers game. The kicker to the story is that he caught the ball bare-handed while holding his seven-month old son with the other hand.

Nobody seemed to mind this snag of the ball because of the impressiveness of the catch. And probably partially because it saved the Cubs from a potential out. Hartley wasn’t even asked to leave the stadium, a standard among fans that interfere within the field of play.

However, the play was eventually overturned however because of fan interference. Lawyerist writes that baseball’s rules dictate that if spectator interference clearly prevents a fielder from catching a fly ball, the batter shall be declared out.

It wasn’t a bad night for the Cubs though. Chicago went on to win the first game of the series and their fourth straight in extra innings when Chris Denorfia drove the ball into the outfield with bases loaded and one out. The ball was deep enough to score the runner on third and put the Cubs ahead 1-0 for the victory.

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