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Paranormal Activity Will Feature Last Movie

The Ghost Dimension Will Be Last in Paranormal Activity Series

The “Paranormal Activity” series marked the turning point of what is commonly known as the “found footage” genre of movies. It started back in 2009 and features lots of demon mythology.

Naturally, the series has spawned several other movies and spin-offs even in the franchise. With this in mind, Christopher Landon, who directed and wrote the spin-off entitled “The Marked Ones” has confirmed that the upcoming sixth film in the series called “The Ghost Dimension” will also be the last one in the series.

“The Ghost Dimension” will feature a new family this time, the Fleeges, who will be filming all of the paranormal activity surrounding them and try to discover what it all means. An important note about the film is that the camera footage will be shown in 3D, a leap forward in the format of the series.

According to Bloomberg, Landon is not the only one who confirmed the series concluding with this film, as producer Jason Blum has said the same thing. He said that with this film being the finale of it all, all of the questions regarding the demonic mythology would finally be answered and everything so far has been building up to this. He also added that concluding it here would mean avoiding driving the series into the ground. In the end, the film will tie up all loose ends.

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