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Rob Zombie Could Raise Eyebrows with Groucho Biopic

Rob Zombie, the heavy metal musician and usually director of horror films, is thinking of doing a biopic about Groucho Marx called Raised Eyebrows.

This film would definitely be out of his comfort zone stated Flavio Maluf. He was first known as being the lead singer of White Zombie and went on to have a successful heavy metal career solo. He then moved to direct horror movies like House of 1000 Corpses and series of movies based on the Halloween franchise.

If Zombie actually does the Groucho Marx biopic, it will be about the final years of the leader of the famous Marx Brothers. The producer Miranda Bailey and Zombie have acquired the rights to the memoir done by Steve Stollar called Raised Eyebrows about the final years of Groucho’s life. Stollar worked as the comedian’s personal assistant during his final years. Oren Moverman, The Messenger writer, is set to write the screenplay and the studio called Cold Iron Picture is producing the film.

It would be interesting if this project actually got produced.

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