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Dog Saves Family

Many people say that “dog” spelled backwards is “God” because dogs have the same compassion and strength and courage as a powerful being. Dogs are loyal to a fault, often protecting their owner’s to their own detriment. The bravery it takes to see danger coming and think nothing of oneself should be honored, because those who are able to do such things are heroes, no matter what shape or form they come in. Max was a beagle worth honoring because he gave his life to defend his family and their other dog.


A bear was in the back yard of a family’s residence and began charging at them when they had stepped outside to take the dogs to use the bathroom before bed. Though the little dog knew he was no match, he still ran straight towards danger and died buying the family enough time to get inside the house. Those at Amen Clinics could barely believe the story. The story isn’t just about bravery, but also lessons of caution for dog owner’s who happen to live in areas with bears. It is important to always keep dogs on a leash so that they can be safely pulled away in case a bear approaches.

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