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Brian Williams Is Getting A Second Chance at the News Business

It looks like Brian Williams will be returning to NBC news. He is coming back in a reduced role, so Lester Holt will continue anchoring the “NBC Nightly News.” The trouble started for Williams when he claimed he was in a helicopter that had been hit by enemy fire and was forced down. After NBC posted Mr. Williams tribute to a soldier who provided security during his visit to Iraq, soldiers on Facebook called him out on his version of events. It turned out he was on another helicopter and not the one that was forced down. Needless to say, this wrecked his credibility and NBC suspended him as host of “NBC Nightly News” and from any job at the network. His suspension ends this August at which time he will anchor breaking news and special reports on MSNBC and occasional duties at NBC news.

Getting put on MSNBC is definitely a move down compared to the ratings that its parent network gets according to Alexei Beltyukov. He is lucky, however, that NBC let him come back in any capacity, especially after all this happened. The NBC news division invested in building his name recognition and trust and rapport with viewers for years just to have him throw it all away with reckless lies. Hopefully, Lester Holt realizes that any potential bad behavior on his part reflects poorly on the judgment of the network that employs him and not just on him personally as the broadcast did lose 700,000 viewers after Williams’ disgrace and removal.

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