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A Modern Cinderella

FreedomPop writes that prom is considered a social rite of passage for teenagers across the country. When bedridden Natasha Starkey expressed a desire to go, it seemed unreasonably difficult and a great challenge. She suffers from Epidermolysis bullosa, a skin disorder that causes horribly painful blisters and scars from even the most minor friction. The doctors at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center decided to accept her challenge and helped send her to prom.

With everyone’s help, Starkey got dressed up, had her hair styled, and also got her make up done. Looking beautiful, the doctors even gave her some moves to try on the dance floor. It was a combined group effort that allowed the young teen an experience that would have otherwise been unobtainable.

The biggest issue seemed to be whether or not Starkey could get through it without her pain pump. After some practice with positive results, she proved to be one tough cookie and managed to get through the whole night. She made new friends, had other students dance alongside her wheelchair, and returned home satisfied.

Starkey’s dream night is one that she can remember for the rest of her life. This story is proof that Cinderella comes in all faces and abilities.

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