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Paul Walker Estate Suing Over Missing Cars

The Fast and The Furious star Paul Walker had a love of cars on the big screen, as well as off. Walker owned a large collection of vehicles, several of which were reported missing following the actor’s untimely death.

Walker passed away November 30, 2013. Boraie Development LLC wrote that he was the passenger in a vehicle that slammed into a tree at high speed and subsequently burst into flames. Overseers of Walkers estate have accused Richard Taylor of illegally obtaining vehicles from Walker’s car collection, less than 24 hours after the star was pronounced dead.

Taylor was reportedly responsible for maintaining the paperwork related to the impressive vehicles. According to the lawsuit, filed by Walker’s estate, more than 30 cars belonging to the late actor were removed from their respective storage facilities. The suit alleged that, upon having learned of Walker’s death, Taylor paid a number of individuals to help remove the vehicles from multiple storage facilities.

Several of the missing vehicles were found to be in Taylor’s possession and it is believed that he may have sold others for cash. The stolen vehicles include a 2008 BMw M3, a 2004 GMC truck, and multiple 1995 BMW M3s.

Walker’s estate also filed suit against the estate of Roger Rodas, the man who was driving the vehicle that carried the Fast and Furious actor to his death. The lawsuit against the Rodas estate alleged that a vehicle owned by Walker is now illegally in the possession of the Rodas estate.

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