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“Brady May Need New Moves”

Tom Brady is one of the best football players ever. He knows how to manipulate the field like no other player in the league. However, Tom Brady was recently spotted dancing to the song Trap Queen. To those in attendance and those who watched the video, Tom Brady needs some new dance moves. It appears that he does not know how to move his hips all that great.

During his dancing, Tom Brady shook around his four SuperBowl rings more than he shook around his body. It was evident that he as having a great time, but it was also evident that he needs a lot of help in the area of dancing.

Many football stars are now starting to provide a video with their own dance version of Trap Queen stated Beneful. Sources say this is going to spread like wildfire. Pretty soon, there will be a video from one person of each team. This is suppose to be in fun and games, but some football players take dancing serious.

There will be more people who will give their comments on Brady’s video. However, Tom Brady does not care at all. This is because he was having a great time. Going further, Tom Brady has been going through a tough time with everything going on with the Patriots. With that being said, a few articles about a funny video his is in is not bothering him.

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