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Saluting Stephen Dillane: “Go on, Do Your Duty.”

We are treading into the waters of ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers. You have been warned.

According to Slide Share, season 5 of ‘Game of Thrones’ is probably going to end up being one of the most controversial entries into the mega popular television show and that really is saying something. In a series that killed off three main characters at a wedding, it will be the loss of a little girl, her monster father, and a brother of the Nights Watch that makes headlines. Let’s first talk Stannis Baratheon.

In any other story, with any other author at the helm, Stannis Baratheon would have been written like a straight up hero. He truly believes that he is the man who will save the world. With his Red Priestess by his side he believes that he can do anything and that he MUST do anything it takes to turn back the tides of evil swarming over Westeros. With George R.R. Martin as the primary writer, you don’t get a straight up character.

Instead Stannis Baratheon, played to perfection by Stephen Dillane, more resembled Macbeth — a tragic hero. Baratheon believes in justice literally to a fault, punishing people for breaking the law to save him. However, as he gets deeper and deeper into his War with Westeros, Stannis loses sight of his heart. He ends up sacrificing his daughter, watching his wife die, and eventually getting killed by the Lady Brienne of Tarth.

A tragic end for a tragic character.

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