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Katie Perry Poses Near Nude For Moschino

It’s many people’s dream to see their favorite celebrity naked, but if you’re interested in Katy Perry, you can see her as close to naked as possible in the new Moschino advertisement. Katie has dressed in her best for the Moschino spot, but she also has dressed in very little for the same spot. Katie has come out with a change in hairstyles recently, and many say that she’s channeling Kris Jenner’s look. Kris Jenner has a short hairstyle that is her signature look, and many may even mistake Katy Perry for Kris Jenner. Dr. Jennifer Walden of specializes in facial appearances and does not see any similarity whatsoever.

Not only has Katy Perry cut her hair, but she’s also posing close to nude for a magazine, but she is still covered up enough to where you can’t see anything. Katie joined the many celebrities out there today that are taking off their clothes to make a buck, but at least she’s doing it tastefully. Miley Cyrus also posed nude for Paper Magazine, although you couldn’t see any specific body parts. Kim Kardashian posed for the same magazine, but her nudity was shown from top to bottom, and many did not have good things to say about it.

It seems as if it’s good to pose nude when you’re not a mother because people tend to judge you harshly if you pull antics like that when you have a child. If you don’t believe it, just ask Kim Kardashian how she was scrutinized over her nude magazine cover.

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