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Next Year May be the Cavs’ Year

LeBron James is playing out of his mind. He had 40 points in Game Five of the NBA Finals. He’s done that many times in this series alone, and he’s done it even more in the playoffs as a whole. His performances are bringing up talk about whether or not he’s better than Michael Jordan, who is often thought of as the best basketball player of all time. That’s how good LeBron has been.

However, the Cavs are not able to win enough with him alone as many fans like Flavio Maluf have noticed. Despite those 40 points, the Golden State Warriors got the win, and the Cavs are now one loss away from elimination. What it means is that this may not actually be a year of destiny for the team. That year may be next year.

The problem is that the Cavs have two huge injuries. Both Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are out. These are guys who were previously the best players on their respective teams, before they met up with LeBron. They were tremendous, and having all three of them together was very hard to stop. Lebron is trying to win now on his own, but he can’t get it done.

Next year, though, the Cavs could have Irving and Love back. This series has been close even without them. If they come back, it would stand to reason that the Cavs would be the heavy favorites to win the whole thing.

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