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Drastic changes face the Simpsons

A huge amount of news about the Simpsons has come to light over the last few weeks. It was announced the Harry Shearer, the voice of Groundskeeper Willie, Ned Flanders, Reverend Lovejoy, and many other beloved characters, will not return for the 27th season. Al Jean, who has often been cited as the man behind the Simpsons’ declining quality, tweeted that they would no longer be releasing seasons on DVD. This is sure to raise the ire of fans who have long complained about the sluggish pace that seasons were coming out at.

A detail about the upcoming season has just been released that overshadows all the other news. Homer and Marge will separate. While many characters have gone through changes, a few have died, and Marge and Homer have had break-ups that were resolved over the course of an episode, this is the first time the family dynamic of the Simpson household will be seriously altered. Perhaps this change will revitalize the show or perhaps it will shock fans like Igor Cornelson who has been watching the show for 26 years,  despite complaints of inferior quality. It could also turn out to be the thing that pushes away the fans that have been barely hanging on.

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