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The Negative Effect of Incorporate Olympic Valley

Once the location of the Olympic games, the Olympic Valley is under debate as to whether or not to be incorporate or not. Located in California, this rural town has 1,000 full-time residence. Developers for years have been eying this beautiful as a prime spot for development. Residents as well fiscal analysts have a chilly welcome reception to this idea as there is no way for the Olympic Valley to support itself from any developing.

As stated by a fiscal analyst, if Incorporate Olympic Valley has their way, the only way to support a city would be through tourism. However, the head of the tourism in the area Andy Wirth does not support incorporation. Taxes as well as revenue from hotels would not be enough to support the potential city. If incorporation were to move forward in Olympic Valley, there would be a growing deficit by 2017 to 2018. The deficit, as calculated would be around 1.8 million dollars over the next decade. 

If the fight for incorporation would succeed, the proposed 850 rooms and condos would be built in the addition to over 300,000 sq feet of commercial space. A local group to the region called Save Our Valley has been continuously fighting the proposal for incorporation. They state that based off of evidence, the idea is flawed and will cost developers millions in deficit. 

Not only would the developing of Olympic Valley lead to an increasing deficit, but it will also destroy one of America’s most beautiful and historic sites. Being the location of the 1960 Olympics, Olympic Value holds much history to the name. If developing were to occur, the environment will no longer have the aesthetic beauty. The potential investors and developers that want to transform Olympic Valley have unrealistic numbers that will only surprise them when those numbers are not met. the reality is that if incorporate does occur at Olympic Valley, not only will developers as well as the city itself lose money, but it will also lead to many protests led by local residents. To avoid any consequences, Olympic Valley should be left alone and be enjoyed by visitors who come to see the site for the beauty and not for the shopping malls.

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