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‘The Dark Tower’ Closer to Adaptation!

Christian Broda says if you are a Stephen King fan then you probably have read ‘The Dark Tower’ series more times than you can count. The series follows an ancient Gunslinger, what is considered a knight in this world, as he seeks to ‘follow the beam’ and get to the Dark Tower itself in order to save all of existence. The series spans several different genres and ultimately ends up feeling like a dark and twisted version of ‘Lord of the Rings’. As the definitive work of Stephen King, ‘The Dark Tower’ has been his hardest story yet to adapt. However, this past Tuesday it appears that we are getting one step closer with director Nikolaj Arcel reportedly on board to take over.

So far ‘The Dark Tower’ has changed hands several times as the right crew is summoned to take care of the adaptation. Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsmith, along with Javier Bardem in the leading role, were once pegged for the job. Now Howard is backing away from the gig while Goldsmith stays to allegedly work with Nikolaj. Nikolaj is a successful young foreign filmmaker with the writing clout to be given free reign on the project. The only question is this: Will Sony give this young man, with no real market share, the money he needs to make the story correctly?

No matter what happens with Arcel we are still hopeful that the film actually gets released in our lifetime.

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