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The Bite of a Lifetime

Everyone loves a good snack. For one Vermont woman, snack time turned into a trip to the emergency room within mere seconds. The 21 year old had unknowingly purchased a bag of organic grapes with a black widow spider inside of it. Upon reaching into the bag to pick out a few grapes, she remembers yanking her hand back after experiencing a horrific pain. Realizing that grapes don’t bite, the young woman dumped the bag and there was a black and red spider hug one of the grapes. She noticed the red hour glass on it venomous backside and immediately recognized what it was. There was a moment of panic but she knew she would have to act fast if she wanted to get over this ordeal. Fearing that she was unable to drive, the woman called an ambulance that promptly met her at her home. The paramedics administered an antivenin serum that not only diluted the venom, but helped ease the young woman’s pain says Flavio Maluf. The patient was very grateful for those who helped to save her and she is on her way to making a full recovery. After spending the night at the University of Vermont Medical Center, she was released and sent on her way home. Doctors chose this time to remind the public that these spiders aren’t as deadly as rumored. In the earlier 1920s, people often died from the bites because of the lack of medicine. Thankfully, for this woman’s sake, black widow bites today can be cured in a matter of hours.

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