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Disney Officially Cancels Tron 3

It’s official, Tron 3 has been canceled. Sorry to disappoint any fans of the 1982 film or it’s 2010 sequel, Tron: Legacy, but Disney has officially scrapped plans for a third film in the series. What is surprising is that the film was never officially given the green light, but rumors had production starting as soon as August.

In a story that can be seen here the likely reasons behind the decision are discussed. Chief among them is the fact that while Legacy was a minor success, it’s domestic box office of $400 million was only just over twice as large as the actual production costs. Adding to that is the recent string of big budget failures that has plagued the company, including as BuzzFeed reports such films as John Carter and The Lone Ranger. Their recent big budget release, Tomorrowland, looks to be following the trend.

Disney executives are more likely to be producing more live action re-makes of their classic animation in the near future. The formula for those films has proven to be a success for the company and the production costs are much lower than they would be a film as effects filled as Tron 3 would need to be. They also will keep their focus on other types of proven successes such as the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, whose fifth film is due to be released in the near future, the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, and their Pixar projects.

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