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Alvin Gentrry to coach New Orleans Pelicans

The New Orleans Pelicans looked like a team on the verge this past season. Mired in the toughest conference in professional sports, the New Orleans Pelicans managed to break .500 on their way to a playoff berth in the #8 spot. Despite the fact that the Pelicans would be swept by the Golden State Warriors, they put up a fight and impressed one person on the Warriors staff: Alvin Gentry. Since the Pelicans were eliminated from the playoffs they’ve fired their head coach and left the door wide open for Gentry to come over and take the reins, and now it appears that he will be doing just that.

While Gentry can’t spend too much time thinking of New Orleans, as he is fighting for a title as an assistant in Golden State, you can rest assured that he will be happy with the pieces that he gets to play with next season. Gentry will be coming to a team that has its core essentially set for the next decade. Anthony Davis is the beginning and ending of any conversation about which direction the NBA is heading. Davis rose to an almost MVP like caliber this past season with a coach that struggled to utilize him correctly. Gentry will change that.

The common thought is that Gentry will bring a bit of the ‘run and gun’ offense from Golden State along with him. If he does we could easily see Davis putting up 30+ points per game.

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