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Trevor Noah Takes Over The Daily Show in September

Comedy Central has finally given a start date for Trevor Noah. Noah, a 31-year-old comedian, will take over The Daily Show on September 28, 2015. The South African comedian isn’t new to the show, and has actually been making appearances since last year. Fans of the political satire have known since March that Noah would take over when John Stewart exits in late summer. After 15+ years as host of The Daily Show, Stewart’s final show is August 6, 2015. Recently, Facebook users said Trevor came under fire for social media posts, Twitter in particular, which made him seem sexist, racist, and Anti-Semitic. Comedy Central has asked fans to be patient with Noah, and asks them to remember that tweets are only 140 characters long. The comedy network has reminded fans that many comedians push boundaries and short bits of information can easily be misjudged. Only time will tell if Trevor Noah can fill John Stewart’s feet, but all eyes will be on Comedy Central this fall.

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