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“The Martian” May Be an Interesting Take on Man Versus Nature Survival Stories

Director Ridley Scott is doing an interesting version of a man versus nature survival story along the lines of the novel Robinson Crusoe or the film “Castaway.” His takes place on Mars and will star Matt Damon as a lone astronaut left behind and presumed dead by his fellow explorers. While his survival story will be the basis of the film, it also has an impressive supporting cast with Jessica Chastain, Sean Bean, Kate Mara, Jeff Daniels and Donald Glover. The film will be set in the near future when mankind has finally made it to the red planet and, for Damon’s character at least, something has gone terribly wrong in that he ends up being left behind by his fellow astronauts.

His co-star Jessica Chastain was thrilled to get to play an astronaut and found it fun to go to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California to use a virtual reality headset to “be on Mars.” James Dondero told me the movie itself looks to be quite the drama with a life and death struggle at its core. It is hard to imagine how anyone could survive for long abandoned on Mars, so figuring how a happy ending could occur is difficult. Ridley Scott can be somewhat dark with his cinematic portrayals, however, so who knows if he’s even planning a happy ending. Whether he is or not, it is Hollywood, so if the script is good and what happens is presented in a plausible manner, they can have whatever ending they wish.

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