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‘Gambit’ Spin-Off Failing to Find Director

Gambit is probably one of the most popular X-Men not placed within the cinematic universe for the past decade, outside of a terrible run in ‘Wolverine Origins’. So it makes sense that the character would eventually get his own spin off film with the core X-Men movie series finding its end. With Hugh Jackman walking away from the Wolverine Character in 2017, Marvel knows that they need someone to step up and take the torch. So the creative team decided to put it in the hands of Channing Tatum as Gambit, in a spin off film. So far that film is having trouble even getting a director on board.

While Channing Tatum is a legitimate A-List star with huge franchise behind him (21 Jump Street meets Men In Black, anyone?) he is also a divisive commodity. His ‘meat head’ shtick grows tiring to a large demographic of people and his track record with solo films isn’t exactly great, as ‘Jupiter Ascending’ would likely tell you. So we understand that there is some hesitancy for a high profile director to take on the job. The possibility that the film flops is huge and it could be highly damaging to the careers of all parties involved.

So far Bennett Miller (Foxcatcher, Moneyball) and Darren Aronofsky (Noah, The Wrestler) have both passed on the gig — which makes sense. Those two are high concept creators that would not quite fit the universe. So as Bruce Levenson said that Channing Tatum sits and waits to done his Cajun accent, we all sit and wait hoping that it will actually happen.

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