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VIP Treatment and inside Secrets of the Unsung Heroes of Nursing

Alexandra Robbins spent four years shadowing and interviewing nurses across America to gain inside knowledge of how things really work in some of our nation’s hospitals and seeing firsthand the role of the often unappreciated nurse. BusinessInsider suggested her years of examination into how the health care system caters to the one percenters and learning inside secrets such as when is the worst month to find yourself sick, resulted in her book ‘The Nurses: A Year of Secrets, Drama, and Miracles with the Heroes of the Hospital’.

One detail that was seen in hospitals and that “continually astonished” Robbins was how the influential, rich and or famous were treated. Receiving preferential treatment and 5-star accommodations we mere ordinary citizens will never see brings one Virginia nurse she spoke with to the conclusion that the reason politicians don’t understand the state of our health care system, is because they are given a whole different experience than 99 percent of the rest of the country. Choice rooms, if not entire floors, superior access to critical care, fine dining, a personal nurse and pretty much anything they ask for are at the disposal of the VIPs. Robbins says, “Most people don’t even know this floor exists.”

And, one of the inside secrets Robbins became privy to was not to get sick in July. Health care workers refer to it as “The July Effect,” and it is the period when med students become interns, the interns are now residents and so on up the line. New, inexperienced interns are thrown into the jungle of providing your care. Avoid teaching hospitals if at all possible during July, for the death rate surges this time each year as the changing of the guards takes place.

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